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Traveling with Jenn is always a treat. She has the magic touch in figuring out the right balance of enjoyment and still taking good care of yourself. Her extensive experience with trip logistics makes it easy to relax and soak it all in! – Laura B.

Jenn planned each trip I took with her to maximize the best of what the location offered. I really felt I could sit back and enjoy the trip knowing that Jenn was carefully planning our days. – Anne T.

I have been lucky enough to travel with Jenn on several occasions, and I return home happy and refreshed every time! She is a very prompt person, communicative and has a calm demeanor—all of which are great for a high-anxiety person like me! I will always look forward to traveling with Jenn no matter how near or far! – Allison F.

I have made a number of trips with Jenn, and it is always enjoyable. Prior to a trip she does extensive research in order to make the trip a rewarding experience. I travel with her whenever my schedule permits. – Lori S.

My work with Angie was life-changing! She helped me articulate my dreams for the way I wanted to show up in the world, as a parent, a wife, a daughter and in my career. She helped me hold myself accountable for my choices, helped me to create more positive patterns and behaviors in my days and weeks, and create the life I wanted to live instead of reacting to the life that was happening around me. I have never been happier! And I owe it to her; she is a strong and beautiful soul! – Casey S.

Before I met Angie, I was waiting for lightening to strike on my mid-life career return. I was under the false impression that a mystical being would part the heavens and tell me what to be. But by 53, I still hadn’t gotten word. I was a classic avoider. Enter Angie. After two days of solid coaching it was clear she could straighten me out—and she did! Angie taught me to walk the walk on what I said I’d do. The net result was a more self-confident me! Today I’m nearly one year into my mid-life career, none of which would have been possible without Angie. – Beth H.

Jenn was a calming presence and guided everything so smoothly. There was a great balance between active and serene; I'm so impressed with how much I got to do in a relatively short time, and how immersive it all felt. – Samantha S.

With Jenn’s help, I am now better able to understand my hunger cues and learned to eat with more care in an intuitive manner. She was encouraging and helped me come to conclusions about my health and well-being on my own by asking leading questions that made me more self-aware. Anyone who wants to improve their mental and physical health would benefit from Jenn’s coaching. – Lena V.

Angie is a highly skilled Handel Coach with impeccable integrity. An expert in her field. I'm not sure I would have been able to navigate through my peaceful divorce without her. Her gentle guidance to the truth truly impacted my life, and helped me realize that I had way more strength and capability to be happy than I was seeing or had imagined. I hold high esteem for Angie as the coach who led the way for me, and showed me that living my dream life was not only possible, but totally doable! – Stephanie S. 

Individuals seeking to find healthy outlets for stress, discover strategies to deepen self-awareness and redefine their life goals would find Jenn to be an excellent coach. One of the biggest things that helped was Jenn made me realize that I didn’t have to be perfect. I learned to celebrate the areas where I had been successful and find strategies for the areas where I hadn’t reached my goal. She also gently challenged my faulty beliefs and helped me see things from another perspective. – Donna B.